Board Members

Ellen CochraneEllen Cochrane | Board Member

Social Media

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jenJennifer Cummings | Board Member, Secretary

Meeting Coordination

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Will GreenWill Green | Board Member, President Emeritus

President Emeritus

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Pat Lynch

Pat Lynch | Board Member

Speaker Series

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Janet MairaJanet Maira | Board Member, Vice President


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judyyJudy McClaver | Board Member

McKinley Pond, City of Sacramento’s McKinley Park Pond Advisory Board, Pond Oversight, Volunteers

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Martin PalomarMartin Palomar | Board Member, Treasurer


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11 Responses to Board Members

  1. Linda Jahn says:

    Great site! And you did it soooo fast! Congratulations.
    I think the site is beautiful. Loved the trees

  2. Tom Lease says:

    Great work! When I retire next year, I’ll lend some assistance!

    • admin says:

      Tom, I would welcome your energy and help with ESP,Inc. We have lots of work to do.

      Do you plan on joining, now…and or end of year donation??

      Thanks for pledging your future time…. Will Green

  3. Steve says:

    GREAT job…tremendous website supporting ESP.

  4. Danny Lynch says:

    Hey, Ellen – very nice website. I really like the clean layout. Nice.

  5. I’m glad I was able to attend (Eat For A Cause),and hope to attend other future Meetup’s.

  6. paul johnson says:

    Fantastic site, great information and wonderful community togetherness. We are new E.Sac home owners and were drawn to the area by the esthetic charm of the homes and neighborhood as well as the overall friendliness of the people whom live here. I’m really glad to see a group of people interested in retaining this heritage and spirit of the community. We are behind you 100%. Thanks for making the effort to secure the community’s future. Sincerely, Paul & Jessica

  7. Georgia J-W. says:

    Very informative website and great cause, just signed up as a member!

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