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Ellen is a career public schoolteacher. In 2014 she was elected as a school board trustee for the Sacramento City Unified School District. She is a writer and enjoys photography.



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  1. Darleen Quinn says:

    I am not an East Sacramento resident but I wanted to let you know that a 25-page data base showed up on a “non-related” search.
    I typed in Google – Mercy Terrace 39th Street Sacramento. The site was maybe the 7 or 8 listed. I did contact a gentleman who happened not to be connected to your group it directs me to the (former) East Sacramento Preservation as a starting point. This data is names, addresses, voting results etc.
    The connection to Mercy was an obvious link, but the data made public concerns me.

    • admin says:

      Hi Darleen:

      As creepy as it is, I believe the list is public record. If I am correct it’s a list of people who made a comment on the Mercy Hospital environmental impact report. This list was published on granicus. Thank you for the heads up.


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