What We Do

Preservation is a letter to the future. We in East Sacramento Preservation help the community protect historic structures and classic parks. For more than 12 years, we have pushed for a safe and healthy environment in the community. We volunteer, advocate, speak out, write and inform. We are ESP. We have wide support from the community both in and out of East Sacramento. Our supporters are concerned about honesty and sunshine in government and neighborhood preservation. We are a strong, organized neighborhood voice. Your support helps us continue our work.


Informative Web Site

Essay and Opinion

Community Information

Popular Speaker Series

Safety Flags

National Night Out

Pops in the Park Sponsorship

Community Forums


Design Review


Liaison to the City

Collaboration with Other Community Groups on:


Air Quality

Historic Preservation


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  1. Megan Hohlbein says:

    Can you tell me what time the 4th of July East Sac parade starts this year, 2016?

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