East Sacramento’s Bertha Henschel Wading Pool Braces for a $22,000 Bill: Volunteers Needed to Help

East Sacramento children play under the Bertha Henschel mushroom fountain

Laura Barrett and a dedicated band of volunteers kept the Bertha Henschel Wading Pool open this summer, but now they are faced with a mountain to climb.

“We raised money for the past two years to help support the pool and keep it open. Now the need is much more extreme. We are bracing for a possible contribution of $22,000 to keep the pool running next year,” says Barrett, coordinator of The Friends of Bertha Henschel Park.

All city resources are dwindling and more and more neighbors and community members are relied on to keep services running, especially in our parks. For Bertha Henschel the news is grim.

“At this point the City Parks and Recreation department is saying that there will be no funding for next summer,” says Barrett.

Many children have their first swimming experiences at Bertha Henschel

The group is considering trying to find sponsors to fund the pool through advertising. This would mean banners and other forms of advertising at the pool site. Hopes are high that East Sacramento businesses will help out.

But such efforts don’t happen by themselves. “Our basic need is to have volunteers sign up to assist with fundraising efforts,” says Barrett.

The group also welcomes donations. “We have an account through the city’s Gifts to Share program. This program allows neighbors to make tax-deductible donations, which would be directed to Bertha Henschel Wading Pool.

Send your tax-deductible donation to:

Gifts to Share, Inc.

915 I Street, 5th Floor

Sacramento, CA  95814

(Tax ID # 94-29285546)

Please write “Bertha Henschel” in the memo line.

Or donate on-line www.giftstoshare.org by clicking on their “Donate Now” link and then designating Bertha Henschel Pool in the “Program Designation” tab.

To volunteer to help contact Friends of Bertha Henschel at BerthaHenschel@gmail.com



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