Where in East Sacramento Is This?

Submit your answer as a post on our web site. The first correct answer wins a yogurt from HeavenLy’s Yogurt Shop in East Sacramento.

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4 Responses to Where in East Sacramento Is This?

  1. Janet says:

    this sign is by the dry cleaners on 33rd and J. By the new Vinilla Bean (old Fomali)

  2. Joe Mette says:

    It is a sign in front of the shopping village at 33rd and J st. I believe it is there because there is limited parking on the shop side of J st. The sign is indicating a larger parking lot in the back

  3. Mynga Futrell says:

    It’s at the southwest corner set of shops at 32nd & J (in front of the cleaners, Thai, bistro, etc.)

  4. admin says:

    Thank you all for playing. More fun coming soon! And the winner is, JANET. One HeavenLy’s coupon coming your way.