Up-to-date Tree Ordinance Information

Trees4Sacramento is a group of community members working to improve the City of Sacramento’s tree ordinance. Some of the changes being proposed to our tree ordinance will benefit developers and could cost residents many of the city’s trees that we have come to know and love.

Call to Action

  • We need everyone’s groups, neighborhood associations and members to email, call, write, tweet or otherwise contact the Law and Legislation committee members stating your support for our concerns and to attend the City’s Law and Legislation Committee hearing in March, when they intend to review and comment on the draft ordinance. They have not yet set a date. Here is their contact information:
  • Jay Schenirer, District 5, 916 808-7005, jschenirer [at] cityofsacramento [dot] org
  • Jeff Harris, District 3, 916-808-7003, JSHarris [at] cityofsacramento [dot] org
  • Eric Guerra, District 6, 916-808-7006, eguerra [at] cityofsacramento [dot] org
  • Richard Jennings III, District 7, 916-808-7007, rjennings [at] cityofsacramento [dot] org
  • cc: trees4sacto [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
  • Please sign our Feb 3, 2016 letterby sending trees4sacto [at] sbcglobal [dot] net an email with permission to use your name.
  • Please to send your own personal statement by email to the council members above (cc to trees4sacto [at] sbcglobal [dot] net). Your statement should address your concerns about Sacramento’s urban forest — particularly trees in your neighborhood and places that you frequent in the city. It could explain things that you have personally witnessed and are unhappy about (such as tree loss in parks, canopy trees removed for development, excess pruning of city street trees). The best time for sending emails now appears to be the first week of April.
  • Involve others in these actions. Help the campaign for our urban forests by sharing this page or the  3 community letter.
  • Attend council meetings on this subject and speak up when the tree ordinance revision is in public hearing. The next hearing at this time is expected on April 12 at 3 pmat City Hall Council Chamber, 915 I Street.
  • Check in to verify meeting dates and times because this has item has been delayed many times to date.

Community Letter

The February 3, 2016 Trees4Sacramento letter on the staff proposal was signed by six regional environmental organizations, 10 neighborhood associations and 11 individual community leaders.

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