Phillip’s Bakery was Made in the USA


Sad Goodbye


Sometimes Made in the USA is about old-fashioned, long-time businesses. This family-owned bakery graced this Folsom Boulevard corner for decades until it closed a few years ago. Family fued. So sad.

It’s a cool old brick building. I mentioned it to more than one bakery owner — hoping they would re-open the neighborhood store. Bring another Made in the USA bakery to East Sacramento. But there the building sat. Empty. Day after day. For years.

But then we heard a new business was going in. Not at all what we hoped…Sherwin Williams…you know, paint! Though I’m glad to see any new business in this economy, I still felt more than just hunger pains as I watched the building be revamped. For years I have feared and worried about the loss of the fantastic neon sign at the front door. Tonight my worst fears were fulfilled. I drove by and saw….the sign is gone.

Where? I don’t know. I’m sure someone probably does.* But to put this in simplistic terms….truly a sign of the times.

I wish the new business owners well. Is Sherwin Williams Made in the USA? And who was Sherwin Williams anyway?

* The sign is now stored by the Center for Sacramento History.

This is a guest post from Midtown resident Barbara L. Steinberg of California Travel Insider.


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10 Responses to Phillip’s Bakery was Made in the USA

  1. Janet Lawson Kaeser says:

    I heard the sign was being donated to a museum downtown!

  2. Gloria Lo Giudice says:

    Sherwin Williams, Welcome!!

    But, Shame on You to the Phillip’s family for allowing a piece of “Their” Family History disappear over a feud….NOTHING is THAT important. Family First shoulld be Our Country’s Motto.

  3. Will Green says:

    I believe historic signs need to stay in their original buildings. An example, the old Quality Market signage at 51st and Folsom between Trader Joe’s and the shopping complex still remains intact. It isn’t neon. Why doesn’t the city’s historic preservation department have a say in these matters?? and/or Could the historic department weigh in on this issue??

    Sorry, I miss the bakery, and the signage.

  4. CPhilipp says:

    Just a FYI….I, unfortunately, had to make a very difficult decision to close my bakery business doors, as a tenant operating in an income generating property. I was paying a substantial amount of rent to the property owners, The Philipp Family adult children. The building was in a very dilapidated condition with the cost of repairs (that would have been my responsibility operating with a triple net lease) being too large of a sum of money to spend on a property, owned by others. I approached my family members, by marriage, now ex-family, The Philipp Children, to invest in the condition of the building, property, and bring the building up to current industry code and was meet with the facts. As a tenant operating with a triple net lease, I and my ex-husband, business partner, were financially responsible for all expenses, costs. A huge amount of money to personally absorb and a very difficult decision had to be made to close the bakery business doors. A personal financial decision to protect our families personal assets, or put a large sum of money in a property, where we were tenants. The publicity that was published did state it was due to a family feud but as with all matters in life, there is alot more to the true facts of the matter, than what was put out in the media. NO BLAME, NO SHAME!!!! Life goes on! Change! The new property owners are very respected property owners in Sacramento and will bring a new, fresh life to a wonderful, historical piece of property in East Sacramento.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your clarification. As with all business and family decisions there is always more than meets the eye. Good luck to you.

    • Eileen Shipman says:

      I would love the recipe for the fruit bars. I had a photo lab down the street from the bakery and would go there for the fruit bars. Delicious. Thanks.

  5. Nancy says:


    Thank you for your thoughtful article on Philipp’s Bakery. Your are correct that in all businesss and family decisions there is always more than meets the eye.

    Our grandparents built the building in 1925 and ran the business, along with our parents, for over 60 years. We are extremely proud of our family’s history in East Sacramento. We worked closely with Dylan McDonald of the Sacramento History Foundation to take possession of the neon sign and have donated pictures and memorabilia for their use. It will be exhibited, along with many other Sacramento classics, in the new Center for Sacramento History being planned.

    We are grateful to the City of Sacramento and look forward to seeing the sign, in all it’s glory, lit up again one day.

    • Nancy says:

      Please add our deep appreciation to Mark Cordano and Ken Fahn for letting the family be involved in the preservation of the sign. Through their own family histories in Sacramento, they are well aware of its importance.

  6. Ricardo Saldana says:

    So the question remains, when will a new “Phillips bakery” open in east Sacramento?

  7. Beineke Hildegard says:

    Browsing in the internet, I found the article about Philipps bakery and Nancys
    words from Feb.2012. Harry Philipp,her brother used to be a pen friend and we came to visit the family in 1974. My husband 1977 was on a training course with the US-Airforce on Mather Airforce Base and Julius and Heidi Philipp treated our then 7month old son Henrik like a grandson. Julius was arelative to my mother, so we were lucky to have them near by as we use to live in Rancho Cordova. Sadly we have lost contact with the Philipp Family, so it was nice reading about the Bakery, eventhough it is 4 years old. Must try to get in contact either with Nancy Marotte or her brother Harry.I think he lives in 42 Street. Greetings from Germany Hildegard Beineke