Mercy Hospital Update–Dignity Refuses Loading Dock Development

Below is the latest construction update from Mercy General Hospital. Sadly, the hospital recently sent out an email reneging on their verbal commitment to work on making room for an on campus loading dock to ease J Street congestion. At the last Mercy Hospital Neighborhood Advisory Committee East Sacramento Preservation asked hospital representatives to develop an on site delivery loading area. The hospital said they would work on doing so. The email ESP received on March 24th stated bluntly that the hospital met and exceeded the city approved square footage on campus and the J Street loading zone is legal. There would be no change to the current loading area.

Neighbors are not asking to remove all deliveries from the street, just to expand current on campus deliveries to ease congestion. The complete refusal to discuss this option, reversing the positive steps they were taking, is astonishing. Mercy spokeswoman, Barbara Schor, did not respond to ESP’s request for more information.


Hospital’s Update

The exterior of the Alex G. Spanos Heart & Vascular Center on Mercy General Hospital’s East Sacramento campus is nearly complete, with final touches on the brick work and other details. On the inside, the focus continues to be on painting, flooring and casework installation. MGH staff from a variety of disciplines continue to work on a move-in plan, which will take place once licensing and other steps are completed.

Elsewhere on the Mercy General Hospital campus, the H Street apartment complex is nearly complete. Those interested in leasing information can contact:

Kelly Schultz, ARM
Property Management, Inc.
(916) 617-7622 / (916) 451-1601 Office
(916) 451-1072 Fax

Landscaping has been installed at the quarter-acre park at 39th near H Street. Fencing will remain around the park to let the foliage get established. Details as to the opening will be shared in upcoming e-newsletters.


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