Mark Your Calendars East Sacramento: The Great American River Clean Up Is Almost Here!

This post is a reprint from KXTV’s community blogger page.

American River

The Great American River Clean Up, sponsored by American River Parkway Foundation, is again underway Saturday, September 17, (9am-12pm).

Our love for the American River inspired last year, alone, 2028 volunteers with 11,381 pounds of trash collected and 7,004 pounds of recyclables over the course of 47 miles of riverbanks as they were cleaned!  And, this was accomplished in a short three hours.

Our beloved American River is the muse inspiring the photographer, the writer, the painter… trails for bikers, runners, joggers and walkers provide great exercise; horse trails…a haven of safety for the equestrian, and just plain family fun playing volleyball, croquet, or horseshoes is but another highlight we enjoy.

Sacramento communities rise to the occasion for each other as so many nonprofit organizations can attest.   We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves, physically, emotionally and when we can, monetarily to show the pride we feel for living in the beautiful Capitol of California.

As a ‘Thank You American River’ for fulfilling our summer days and evenings, creating memories of moments spent with you enriching our lives, it’s now our turn to give back to you.

All folks have to do to register is fill out the online registration form—super easy!

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