Judy’s Notes From McKinley Pond

This rescued hen adopted orphan chicks

This rescued hen adopted orphan chicks

For more than a year Judy McClaver has been working to rescue plants and wildlife during the pond renovation. Here are some updates.

“A few days ago I rescued a poor bedraggled mallard hen with a head wound and limp. I sent her to Steph at Skywater since I figured she needed long term recovery in a larger space than I could give her and she appeared depressed, though she was eating. She must have lost her brood recently. Steph got in eight little orphan ducklings today and set them up next to the hen. When the female mallard heard them cheeping she got really defensive, like they were hers, so Steph put her in with them and now they are a happy little family! This is amazing given ducks don’t adopt. She’s a lot happier with them and will likely recover faster from her injuries! The ducklings are only about two to three days old.

It’s these types of rescue outcomes that make the fatigue of all the calls and care more worthwhile.

Miss Grace at McKinley Park Preschool said she is glad the duck from the rose garden is safe. Apparently this one used to come into the preschool room looking for safe haven at times—once with her duckling in tow.

Nesting ducks were removed from the park and raised elsewhere to prevent delays of the project and save their lives.

Two safely fostered mallards with Angel Wing will be coming back to the pond.”

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