Great Kid Activity––Dragon Fly Day!

Dragonfly Day!!
Don’t miss it!! We’re going dragonfly hunting–one of the most popular FORB activities of the year–on Saturday, August 11. Greg K, our favorite dragonfly expert, will give a short talk and then we’ll go down to the river to find and identify dragonflies, damselflies, and anything else that happens to fly or crawl by (the gorgeous damselfly below is from the Klamath River–we won’t be seeing that one but there are always lots of our local beauties around).

We’ll start an hour later than usual, at 10 am, to give the dragonflies a chance to wake up. Meet at the Sutter’s Landing parking lot at the very end of 28th Street. Bring water, sunblock, and binoculars…we’ll supply insect nets. And it’s always a good idea to bring a change of clothes for little ones, who cannot resist the sand and mud. Try to walk, bike, or carpool if possible–we want to minimize the carbon footprint of our activities. And please leave your dogs at home. All ages are welcome, please pass this invitation on.

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