East Sacramento Yelp: Mercy, City of Sacramento, Businesses, Neighborhood Associations

While Yelp is famous for critiques of restaurants and businesses, there is a growing trend to use the internet kvetch site to comment about public services and government. And the subjects of the criticism are listening.

Businesses learned that a well-expressed, fair, negative review can cause them to lose revenue, but a positive review can boost it. The public and non-profit sectors are now learning that the internet enhances transparency and makes it harder for a large organizations or governments to hide.

Yelp places the responsibility of the content on the reviewer. Fairness and accuracy is often called into question. However, used as one piece of a decision making process, Yelp can be a useful tool.

Some examples:

Mercy Hospital: 17 Yelps, 2.5 stars

City of Sacramento: 66 Yelps, 3 stars

Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary: 17 Yelps, 4 stars


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