East Sacramento Traffic Concern

Traffic concerns are growing about  56th and M streets. A neighbor reported:

Most vehicles do not stop at the stop sign. The folks on bicycles, as well as pedestrians traveling along M street, often come close to being hit. At times, there are 10-15 cars backed up at the stop sign north and south of M streets. I think the problem is urgent and serious and should become a priority for all of us.

East Sacramento Preservation, Inc. continues to monitor the situation and will organize a committee to address East Sacramento traffic issues.

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11 Responses to East Sacramento Traffic Concern

  1. KDH says:

    I’ve lived on 57th Street for almost 10 years and take 56th Street heading off of J Street heading south 3 times a week. I’ve NEVER seen anyone not stop at this stop sign and I’ve NEVER seen more than 5 or 6 cars backed up either way. I do, however, believe that this intersection should be a 4-way stop because of the large amount of cars that take 56th Street at the light.

    • admin says:

      Hello: Thank you for posting. I live closer to McKinley park and don’t see that intersection daily. The neighbor I spoke to lives on 56th Street and may have a different observation time than you do. That being said, I am really glad for your post, because I think it’s very important for neighbors to get the traffic conversation in the forefront of East Sacramento issues. Our group is looking for residents to join us and help work with city hall to protect our neighborhood. Please consider joining us!

    • Kathy Gaschk says:

      Hi Everyone,
      We’ve only lived here for one year. We hear horns honking every day, and folks on their bikes yelling out as loud as they can to protect themselves from traffic not fully stopping on the corner of 56th and M streets. I will post a video/photographs…but I’m waiting for the fog and the cold to disappear so we will have a more accurate picture of what the dangers are like on this particular intersection. I can also get comments from other neighbors and cyclists and/or sign a petition, if needed, to validate our observations. It won’t be hard to do.

      I’m thinking this may end up being a bit controversial, because some folks won’t want the traffic diverted onto their streets (like 57th). However, this is an issue of safety and concern for all of us here, who may have friends and family who walk or ride their bikes along M street. We should be thinking of everyone, because I’d never want to see anyone injured because some of us didn’t want to take action. Surely, we can find a way to resolve this issue so that all of us can be happy and safe. Let’s keep an open mind and see what can be done.

      Does anyone have any ideas or solutions to help us? Does anyone know if 56th Street is meant to be a main thoroughfare through East Sacramento? Since we recently bought a house here, we don’t know the history of the traffic management plans for this area. Any help or information you can give us would be most welcome.

      Signed, Kathy Gaschk
      East Sacramento

      • admin says:

        Traffic concerns will be on the February 9, 2001 agenda. Please come if you can. ESP has worked on several issues with the city, including traffic. The meeting is 7-8 in the Clunie Clubhouse Sacramento Room.

        • SLB says:

          I’d also like to respond to how heavy the flow of traffic is around M and 56th. I’m shocked to witness the daily traffic violations at the stop sign and disrespect to the residents and pedestrians by motorists. The drivers sometimes act as if they are in a competition to see who can make it across the intersection first without colliding. I’m astonished that nothing but a few speed bumps and an almost invisible stop sign are the only measures to protect pedestrians from the looming dangers. Cyclists pick up momentum on the downhill slope just before that deadly intersection, where cars are infamously known for their “soft” stops, motorists and cyclists often yell profanities at each other avoiding near collisions and fighting for the right of way. Nearby children playing are exposed to their unnecessary verbal violence. This is distressing and unacceptable. Cars, at 4-6 at a time, often wait for their chance to dash across. It looks like a parking lot during morning and evening commute times. Residents can’t get in or out of their driveways unless granted permission by the heavy users of 56th St.

          56th St is not Folsom Blvd or J St or 65th. It’s a tiny, narrow street in a sweet and charming neighborhood and it’s location is being exploited. It’s abuse has grown so rapidly that I’m afraid anything less than major traffic redesigning would be carelessly throwing foreshadowing events out the window. Why is nothing being done about this? Do we not care about our community? Why must a catastrophe occur in order to implement safety measures. There is no question that the intersection is dangerous. It’s not a debate of whether or not something horrific will occur, its a matter of when. Many ideas can help this situation. Look at downtown for example. They acted on their problem and decided to close down certain sections of the neighborhood streets during daytime hours and in other areas they established one-way traffic to alleviate the burden. This too can work for 56th St. I would rather see something done to help the intersection instead of Ghost bike on that corner. Wouldn’t you?

          Gravely concerned,

          • admin says:

            Thank you for your comments. Yes! I agree. Please come to our meetings and join our conversation with city hall. We need members who are willing to join the ESP Traffic Committee to get results. You’re welcome to attend our meeting this Wednesday. Traffic will be on the agenda, but only briefly. (We’re still organizing.) Come learn about us and join the committee!

  2. MsChick74 says:

    The one problem I see happen quite often at this intersection is that people driving cars down 56th Street who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood (or maybe just dumb) assume that it’s a 4 way stop and just bolt out into on coming traffic after they have stopped at the stop sigh. Maybe a 4 way stop is the way to go.

    • admin says:

      East Sac Preservation (ESP) is wondering if there should be a four way stop as well. Scraping through my crusty memory… maybe there was once a 4-way there…?? Local neighbors and ESP started a traffic committee to begin working with the city. It’s up first on the agenda for the February 9th meeting. All are welcome!

  3. Chuck Donaldson says:

    I live one street over (55th) and we have a 4 way stop at M St. but very few peple come completely to a stop. On numerous occasions, we have had to dodge drivers who forget that pedestrians also are out in the neighborhood. I had the displeasure of experiencing the driver of a Chevy Bronco tell me to hurry up as I crossed the intersection. He gunned it after I hit the sidewalk. We need to stop our streets from being used as expressways to avoid traffic.

  4. Michael Mickow says:

    I’m a member of eastsac.nextdoor.com. We are currently having this very same discussion that was taking place here 4 years ago. We moved into the house on the corner of 56th and M st. just over a year ago and have seen how bad this intersection is on a daily basis. Someone posted the link to this site so I clicked on it to check it out. Was amazed to see almost the exact same discussion only it is 4 years old. I can only speculate that the problem is worse. It certainly isn’t better. Not one single thing has been done. No speed bumps. No 4-way stop. No police writing tickets for running the stop sign. Nothing. We sit in our living room and have a front row seat to all the near misses and not so near misses from people running the stop sign. There is a lot of non vehicle traffic that goes down M st. from joggers to bicyclists (kids as well as adults) to dog walkers and people just out for a walk. It’s amazing how the city of Sacramento can allow such a dangerous intersection like this to exist for so long. Especially after they helped to create it by putting in the left turn signal light on J st. directing so much traffic down this narrow residential street.
    If there is something that can be done to help rectify this situation please help. Please join us on eastsac.nextdoor.com and perhaps we can come up with a solution to this problem before something tragic happens.

  5. Kurt Elliott says:

    Oh just great, we ride our bikes up the hill on M St. then get to the bottom of the hill and have to stop and lose all our speed from the hill thanks to the stupid new stop sign, are you rewarding cars for creating smog and punishing bikes for not making smog, near me they block cars from going down streets. Yes, I had a lady that pulled out in front of me at 56th and M St. I should have had the cops check her to see if she was drunk since I did not have a stop sign, I doubt she even lived on that street, if you block cars from turning onto M St. from J St. to cut down on traffic crossing the bike route it would have helped and discourage traffic in that neighborhood, I had a car just about hit me there before too!