East Sacramento Street Construction Coming: Plan Your Routes

The City will soon be placing J Street between 42nd and 56th streets and Folsom Boulevard between 34th and 47th streets on a road diet to make room for two-way left turn lanes. The street conversions are intended to reduce the volume and speed of traffic, improve safety, and encourage more bicycling and walking.

J Street between 42nd and 56th streets is currently four lanes (two lanes in each direction) with no two-way left turn lanes, limited parking and no dedicated bike lanes. The project will reduce the number of lanes from four to two, add a center two-way left turn lane and add bike lanes between 55th and 56th streets.

Folsom Boulevard between 34th and 47th streets is currently four lanes (two lanes in each direction), with no two-way left turn lanes and partial bike lanes. The segment will be converted from four lanes to two with a center two-way left-turn lane and wider bike lanes.

This restriping project is important both for public safety and quality of life in East Sacramento.  The current configuration makes it very difficult for neighbors and visitors, especially children and the elderly, to cross these busy streets, ride their bikes or park their cars.   The project mirrors the rest of J Street and Folsom from Alhambra to 56th, which were restriped many years ago. The restriped portions have a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment that also benefits retail businesses. The new configuration includes a new crosswalk in the burgeoning retail and restaurant scene at 33rd and Folsom Blvd.

The project is consistent with the 2030 General Plan, which recognizes the importance of developing a first class, efficient travel network for all modes that limits impacts to the environment and neighborhoods. Another street conversion is slated to be constructed during the summer of 2015 on Freeport Boulevard.

To make the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars, the new street design will be implemented at the same time the road is being resurfaced as part of the annual Street Maintenance Program. Design and construction totals $700,000, paid for by the state gas tax and local Measure A half-cent sales tax.  Work is scheduled to begin in early August and is expected to be completed by mid-September.

During construction: Early August to mid-September, when the project starts, work is expected to take place weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and may also take place on weekends.  Residents will be notified via a reminder that will be hung on the door three to five days before the street is due to be resurfaced. The door hanger will specify the day work is to be done. Note, before and after the actual resurfacing, work crews may be seen performing other work on the street.  No complete road closures are anticipated, as one lane of traffic will be open in each direction at all times.

 Courtesy of Steve Cohn’s Newsletter
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