East Sacramento Preservation Speakers Explain the City’s New Waste Proposal and a New Charitable Group for East Sacramento

The city’s Integrated Waste General Manager, Steve Harriman, talked trash at tonight’s meeting. The city has a new recycling/trash/green waste plan. It’ll save money, but is it the best thing for the citizens? Check out the city’s proposal at Cleaner Streets.

Steve Harriman Explains the City's Plan

Julie Neller of River Park voiced opposition to the plan. “I need regular street pick-up for my green waste. Even if it has to be every other week or once a month throughout the year,” she said. Neller explained that the cans don’t provide enough room to hold older growth tree and bush waste in River Park.

Meeting attendees suggested ideas such as educating citizens about composting. “People just don’t know how it’s done and that it’s really recycling,” said Joan Cochrane.

Eileen Lynch discussed can design. “It might be hard for older people to maneuver the big can. Can’t we have smaller cans, more like wheelbarrows and with clam shell lids?”

“What about putting together a citizens avisory committee to help set up the new plan. Maybe we could pilot it in East Sacramento to see how it works,” said Ellen Cochrane.

Harrison listened attentively and will take back the concerns to the waste department. He will also keep ESP informed about the plan’s progress.

Michael Saeltzer Introduces East Sac Give Back


East Sacramento neighbor, Michael Saeltzer is creating a new charitable organization that seeks donations from East Sacramentans. Give Back East Sac is Saeltzer’s brainchild. The new non-profit will collect donations from East Sacramentans and gift money to East Sacramento programs and programs in nearby neighborhoods. He aims to bring neighborhoods together.

“I enjoyed meeting you and am grateful for the opportunity to introduce East Sac Give Back. Looking forward to keeping in touch and doing great things together,” Saeltzer posted on Facebook.

The next monthly East Sacramento Preservation meeting will be on July 11, 2012. Please come and join us.




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