East Sacramento Preservation notes Mercy Hospital prompt response

Pooling water and warmer weather is a recipe for mosquitoes. While the weather has not turned warm enough for egg laying to begin, Mercy Hospital responded promptly to neighborhood concerns about the growing pond on the East Sacramento Mercy Hospital construction site.

CHW drains construction site pond

The construction of the new Mercy cardiac center was a hotly contested issue in the East Sacramento neighborhood. Ground broke last year and on February 17th the hospital celebrated the placement of the final steel beam on the new building.

Carmine Faro of Catholic Healthcare West sent East Sacramento Preservation the following email.

Sacramento Area Mosquito and Vector Control (SAMVC) visited our site today, and they believe our on-going efforts to filter and drain water will go a long way towards ensuring there are no issues.

(SAMVC) indicated that, notwithstanding the recent ‘warm spell,’ mosquito breeding/hatching isn’t a problem until late May/early June. Moreover, there is no vegetation in the area of the (formerly) standing water, and without vegetation, there is neither food nor hiding places for the bugs to grow. It is more likely that the City catch basins are haven for the breeding than our site, according to (SAMVC).

Regardless, CHW/CRE will monitor the area and take the necessary steps to ensure we do what we can.

On this issue Mercy Hospital, successfully addressed neighborhood concerns. The water is being drained and SAMVC was brought out to survey the site. This is a great help to the neighborhood.

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