East Sacramento Preservation McKinley Village Update

East Sacramento Preservation Update

McKinley Village

Mid-October is the anticipated release date for the draft Environmental Impact Report for the McKinley Village Project. ESP continues to work to inform the neighborhood. Following are some of our efforts on the McKinley Village issue.

We need help on all of these efforts. Please call if you can help. (457-2725)

Informing Neighbors


Facebook – East Sacramento Preservation

Use of automated mail service

Organizing a petition

Organizing an EIR flyer – calling for responses after the draft is released

Government Contact

Continued outreach to our representatives

(ESP has already met with every councilmember to discuss the issue.)

Continued work with city employees to monitor the process

NGO Contacts

Contacting organizations for input on air quality, flood, noise and traffic


ESP continues to build a coalition with other neighborhood groups

Forthcoming Fundraising

Spaghetti Dinner

Entertainment Books


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One Response to East Sacramento Preservation McKinley Village Update

  1. Paul Townsend says:

    The developer referes to the McKinley Village area as a housing in-fill area. But actually, according to historic topo maps and drawings, the area is in the old floodplain of the American River. Who needs more housing in the floodplain?