East Sacramento Farmers Market—don’t miss this great community asset


by Michael Saeltzer

Kudos to East Sacramentan Ann Vulech Clark for organizing what is fast becoming another one of our community’s best features. The market opened in May and is held every Saturday next to the Shepard Garden and Arts Center, the small section of McKinley Park just east of the main park (rose garden, playground, pond).  Ann envisions the market to be a combination farmers market, community event, and a great gathering spot to begin a Saturday with your neighbors.

eggsTo find out more online you can visit Facebook East Sacramento Farmers Market.  When you are at the market you might want to take the time to chat it up with the vendors who are some of the most friendly there are.  They offer smiles, and incredible research and information about our mother earth and what really makes her happy – all ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!  Take the time to read just a bit more about them further on in this article.

Their are a myriad of reasons why having a farmer’s market in our neighborhood adds value to the community, and communities at large, but here are the top ten as present in Mother Earth News 3/30/11

1. Feed your family the freshest food. Farmer’s markets offer the freshest food around usually only hours from the field—so you get top quality, perfectly ripe flavor.

2. Help the environment.  Eating locally saves vast amounts of packaging waste and energy required to ship food around the globe.

3. Shop organic for global health.  Farmer’s markets attract vendors who use organic growing methods, meaning you gain access to food free of synthetic pesticides. Plus, buying organic supports good land stewardship.

4. Become part of your community.  Festive and lively, farmer’s markets are social venues where you bump into friends and meet local farmers face to face.

5. Support local farmers and your local economy.In an era when sustainable farmers struggle to survive, farmer’s market profits—which go straight into growers’ pockets—help keep small farms alive.

6. Save money.  Buying from farmers eliminates the cost of the middleman and pricey shipping, so you get more value for your dollar.

7. Learn about food. Kids and adults alike enjoy exploring firsthand how foods are grown, harvested, and eaten by browsing market stalls and talking to farmers.

8. Boost your nutrition. Tantalizing produce displayed in farmers’ bins and baskets encourages you to eat more fruits and vegetables, so it’s easy to consume the recommended five servings a day.

9. Treat your senses. Experiencing the colors, smells and tastes of a farmer’s market is a sensual experience that connects you to the land.

10. Find new cooking ideas. Community chefs at the farmer’s market are happy to share recipes for in-season foods.

Simply Manna Gourmet Mushrooms:  This is far more than just incredibly tasting purely organic mushrooms.  It’s a cutting edge research system.  Simply Manna uses only agricultural waste which often has absolutely no nutritional value not even for cattle, for example rice straw, and grows shrooms while generating electricity.  This means this way of growing highly nutritious food can be done anywhere in the world including the most impoverished locations.  Plus the system adds tons of valuable proteins and nutrients to the straw making it excellent for cattle feed.  To learn more visit the booth or www.SimplyManna.com, Facebook SimplyManna

Globally Good:  Every product has a story and the products include everything from the coolest in clothing and accessories to beautiful baskets.  Laurie Dahl the founder of www.globalgoodfairtrade.com researched micro financing, the principles and impact of fair trade products and focused her knowledge on empowering women in developing countries.  Global Good now promotes numerous non-profits that support world artists through their Fair Trade practices.  Laurie personally selects groups based on their mission and their ability to improve the quality of life for global artisans and their control over their own future. Facebook Global Fair Trade

Nai’s Berry Farm:  Strawberries that actually taste like strawberries and are grown right next door in Antelope, CA. Nai Saechao (916) 206-0581, naisberryfarm@gmail.com

Mad Dog Mesa: The olive ranch is located in Coloma, CA and has been run by Amy and  Bob and currently features over 3,200 olive trees comprised of about 51 different varieties, primarily French but also Italian and Spanish.  Unlike other ranches their trees are planted within an existing Oak Woodland to protect the vanishing Oaks.  All of Amy and Bob’s olive oils are unfiltered first press estate organic exceptionally low in free fatty acid.  Furthermore, all of their products are lab tested to ensure consistency and standards which far exceed those set out by the USDA.  Each bottle is labelled and includes the exact harvest date, bottle fill date, best buy date, free acidity, peroxide value, polyphenal index, and UV analysis.  Their mill process NEVER uses talk, enzymes, solvents or ANY other additives.  Learn more at www.maddogmesa.com, Facebook Mad Dog Mesa.

Chocolate Fish Coffee:  Ever wonder why sometimes you might experience a bit of an irritated stomach after a cup of fresh brew even at the gourmet shops.  It could very well be because you are drinking dark roast, which usually means you are drinking carbon.  But, at the Fish they brew “light” resulting in a smoother, gentler delicious brew.  Be sure to try their cold brew too, a new Nitro infused Iced Coffee dubbed the “Morning Beer” which is taking Sacramento by storm.  To die for and so refreshing on a summer day at the park.  Coffee classes are offered at their location of the 3rd weekend of every month 9am – 10am.  Saturday is tasting, Sunday is home brewing.  Visit www.chocolatefishcoffee.com  Specialty Coffee Week 2014 is October 13th – 19th: a series of events geared towards education, tasting, and the celebration of specialty coffee from farm to cup.  www.sepecialtycoffeeweek.com

extractor.jpgPenrod Farms:  Located in Camino, CA Penrod’s mission is to operate with integrity which reflects Kelly and Desiree’s commitment to the environment, the health of their bee hives and rabbits, and raise awareness in individuals regarding the production of their food.  They especially value family, community, ecology, and humane animal husbandry.  Their honey is NEVER heated or filtered and their hives are placed throughout the beautiful Sierras.  The only thing they take out are the bees and the wax!       Besides honey and pollination service they also sell beeswax and candles, pollen, and propolis a resin-like material used by bees to caulk their hive.  Propolis has antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral properties.  Kelly and Desiree’s rabbits are never housed in cages or enclosures which prevent them from moving about freely, socializing, and playing with each other.  To insure the safety of the breeders from predators and each other, they provide oversized cages.  Visit their website at www.penrodfarms.com to learn more about the highly nutritional value of rabbit, and other products they offer.

Liquidology L2O Local + Live + Organic:  organic cold pressed juices are packed with vital phytonutrients and enzymes.  Their juice gives your digestive system a rest while flooding your cells with the nourishment they crave.  Pressing is done in their Roseville Comissary with a retail site coming soon.  The Liquidology Bar will serve cold pressed juices, smoothies, health shots and other organic super foods.  www.liquidologybar.com Facebook: Liquidology

chickensFarmerShep:  Jeremy Shepard grows local, healthy, free-range organic products made with love.  Jeremy’s farm is between Winters and Davis on an Organic Walnut Orchard.  For the past two years he has been running a sustainable organic and free range farm.  Jeremy’s products include lamb, goat, poultry, and Thanksgiving turkeys.  All are certified Organic and free-range animals, made by love by FarmerShep.  Facebook: Farmer Shep

KC Flowers:  Offering beautiful bouquets to brighten up any room KC Flowers farm is located in Galt and by using their website at www.kcvflowers.com you may render their service for any of your floral needs.  Order bouquets or do it yourself packages!

FarmField1Healthy Fork Farm:  Located in Winters they bring to us the the freshest of the seasonal crop rotations which include (just a sample) peas, potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, melons, corn, eggplant, carrots, summer squash, a variety of peppers, herbs, flowers, well you get the picture, pretty much everything.  Facebook Healthy Fork Farm

Aoyame Farms: A small family farm that has been in business for over 50 years (3rd generation farm), Aoyame Farms is proud to feed the amazing families that shop at the local farmers markets.  They offer to us year round produce including peaches, nectarines, melons, squash, grapes, cherries, cucumbers, and citrus.

Loving Nature Farm:  A small start up in Clarksburg with over 3.5 years of chemical free farming and no synthetic fertilizers for all fruit and begetable fields for over 5 years.  Because of Riparian rights to water from the Sacramento River the farm receives fresh, clean water for the crops.  Only drinking quality deep-well water is used to drip irrigate and wash the produce – truly above & beyond organic. By growing vegetables naturally and in a sustainable manner, and shipping directly to local consumers as soon as they are harvested, they believe their fruits and vegetable will give the best taste, health benefits and value, as well as safety for the farm workers.  To find out more and explore the option of having a box of all natural produce delivered right to your doorstep (Sac is in their delivery zone of 60 miles) visit www.lovingnaturefarm.com

10521986_922643277761738_5656740824685854149_nThe Pasta Queen:  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you how much better pasta tastes when its fresh and the Pasta Queen makes that so easy.  Just visit her booth to see all the selections including packages of mini meatballs (Pork & Beef) that kids as well as adults will savor.  Other products include gourmet raviolis, sauces, compound butters and spreads.  Deliver to your home or office is available, as is catering for small or large events.  Pasta is their passion and by blending local, farm fresh ingredients with time-tested recipes the believe their results honor Italian food traditions of freshness and simplicity.  Facebook The Pasta Queen

Michael Saeltzer was born in Sacramento and has lived in East Sacramento since 1989.  His past includes teaching, social services, higher education and helping to form East Sac Give Back.  He enjoys giving back to his community, writing, and helping to form a healthier world for his two daughters. Michael recently joined the team of Ed Gatejen and Ryan Montelious at Intero Real Estate.

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