East Sacramento! Adopt a McKinley Park Garden


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2 Responses to East Sacramento! Adopt a McKinley Park Garden

  1. Tom Quinn says:

    Can we please get some traction on getting those idling ambulances out of our neighborhoods? Diesel exhaust has been determined to be carcinogenic and yet we have many 10s of these vehicles idling for hours in and around McKinley Park, on our streets and in parking lots while the employees text on their cell phones or sleep.

    We live near many hospitals that are money making concerns; we do not need to be the involuntary captives of dirty air by for-profit companies who use our neighborhoods as holding spots for their vehicles and employees.


    Tom Quinn
    Santa Ynez Way

    • admin says:

      Thanks for posting, Tom. A lot of the ambulances are from private companies. If you note some names, ESP would be happy to send them a letter requesting that they not idle in the neighborhood.