Cob House Village Grows in East Sacramento Front Yard

On a quiet little street in East Sacramento an ancient village rises. Watch butterflies spread their wings. See fine green things. Hear the whisper of drums and flutes. Listen!

Look for the Land of the Hobbits on 48th between H and J. The cob town is growing in a front yard. Mud and straw huts, known as cob houses, were used in ancient times. See a modern village here in East Sac.


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3 Responses to Cob House Village Grows in East Sacramento Front Yard

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have driven by this house numerous times and I have never understood why anyone would do this to their yard. I’m curious what their neighbors think. It is an eyesore because it doesn’t take into consideration the style of the house or the neighborhood. Cob Houses are not usually placed amid more modern structures and are the main house, not small structures in a yard. It’s a hodgepodge of glass, plaster, and wood. Clearly, there has been no design plan. I’m sorry, but this article makes it sound like a masterpiece when it is far less than. Highlighting this house as something to enjoy in East Sac is baffling.

    • admin says:

      Putting art or odd structures in the front yard is always dicey. According to the home owner, the neighbors are tolerant of the cob houses. (I didn’t ask the neighbors.) While I side with you about respecting the character of our streets, I was drawn to the interesting features of the design. The village is not going anywhere, so I hope that the owners soon complete the work and that the ‘finished’ project will be more appealing.

  2. Ed Smathers says:

    The cob houses are charming. When you fear that our collective taste is growing every day more rigid, uniform and oversized, it’s refreshing to stroll by and see these recreations from ancient times. Ars longa, vita brevis.