City of Sacramento—Street/Can Leaf Pick-up Schedule

The big pinchers are disappearing. Yard waste piles are moving into cans. Here’s the city’s calendar for leaf pick-up. There are still street pick-ups on a few dates. Check it out!

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One Response to City of Sacramento—Street/Can Leaf Pick-up Schedule

  1. Judy Miller says:

    Thank Heavens that the CLAW is back! For those of us who live with yards, trees, plants, and do not have gardners who whisk away the cuttings to areas away from our homes, the idea that the yard waste can is sufficient is ridiculous! People who live in apartments, condos, and the like, and who do not have yards that need to be mowed, raked, trees pruned and shaped, flowers and plants trimmed , etc., have no need for yard waste removal while the rest of us need a weekly visit from the CLAW! the removal of the CLAW was one of our City’s more shortsighted mistakes. We celebrate the return of the CLAW and can only hope that our City realizes that it is necessary to have the CLAW remain a fixture!