Call for Chicken Stories

East Sacramento Preservation would like to hear from residents who have backyard chickens in East Sacramento. We’d like to tell your story. We can mention you by name or keep you anonymous. Please contact us at

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4 Responses to Call for Chicken Stories

  1. Greg Howes and Brian Fikes says:

    We are long time chicken keepers in East Sac.(twenty years)55th and M and more recently 2nd Ave. and 55th in Elmhurst. With the passing of the ordinance last Fall, we launched our business”TWO FLEW THE COOP” everything for backyard chickens. You may have seen us in the Bee or on Good Day Sac, and our coops are for sale at Talini’s nursery on Folsom Blvd. We would love to be a part of your story on city chickens and would be happy to assist in any way. Thanks, and hope to hear from you! Greg and Brian.

  2. Charlene Jones says:

    I’ll be getting my new chicks on the 16th. They’ll be living inside the house (in a box of course) until they get a few feathers to be warm enough for the outdoors. I’ll be posting pictures of them as they mature. I also bought a wonderful coop from a couple of great guys who own “Two Flew the Coop”.

  3. Charlene Jones says:

    My chicks are now 6 days old. Della, Rosie, Lily and Harry (Yes Harry. My grandson named her that).

  4. Charlene Jones says:

    The chicks are 12 days old now. Rosie has been under the weather for the last 2 ½ days now. She’s still eating and drinking but her spunk level is way down. She has stopped running and flying around the coop with the rest of the chicks. Her little digestive systems to be a bit plugged up. I started offering chick grit yesterday but so far it hasn’t made a difference. She’s not getting worse; she’s just not getting any better. I hope she makes it through this period.