Youth Job Fair!

If you’re 16-21 this may be for you! Shine your skills up at this fair.

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One Response to Youth Job Fair!

  1. Kayisha Davis says:

    I am a definite advocate for enriching our youth. I praise the continuous programs that foster our youth in our communities. Youth Employment is a necessity to empower our youth to become independent responsible young adults. My career, which started in my high school years at McClellan Air Force Base, is a direct reflection of such an excellent program.

    The Youth Job Fair was an in creditable opportunity for the young community members, to access the workforce. Ideally, it was the perfect platform for all involved parties. However, it is imperative that these programs are offered to all the youth in the community regardless to locality in the community and income level of their parents. Every child in the community should be given equal access and equal opportunity. Otherwise, it is creates disparage among the group it was designed to help. There were intelligent and resourceful youth that were not given such access simply because they did not attend school in particular district. District lines are predicated by property lines and funding, which is not an expression of the youth’s choice to attend (or not attend) a particular school.

    The goal should be to produce resourceful means for all youth to apply for employment opportunities in the same manner that is reflective of today’s workforce as a whole.