Women Will Be Missing at Tonight’s Debate: 6pm Clunie/Free Childcare

images-9While I’m sure that East Sacramento will elect a strong, hardworking candidate for city council, the sad fact is that after November 4th there will most likely be only one woman on our City Council. (Bonnie Pannell has thrown her support to Larry Carr.)

Women shift conversations in politics. They advocate for education, environmental issues and health and safety standards. Universal preschool gains attention. Air quality is addressed. Women are more likely to look to the health of the neighborhoods—constituent services, growing the neighborhood associations and protecting valuable assets.

I believe women take a longer view than men and ask questions about the lives of their children and future generations. How will our descendants see today’s decisions? What will this city be like in 100 years—150 years? How do my votes, comments and programs decide the future?

Angelique Ashby can work well with either male candidate. She’s tough, focused and a fierce advocate for Natomas. The new council member will work well with her, if he understands that there is only one Natomas (the North/South division is on maps only) and that children are a high priority.

Good luck tonight candidates.

Shah v. Harris and Cohn v. McCarty

Wednesday, October 8th

6pm to 8pm, Clunie Clubhouse Auditorium, 601 Alhambra

Parents with children please note: Free on-site childcare is provided by the West Campus Key Club in the Clunie Clubhouse East Sacramento Room.


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