Updates—41st and I Street Construction Projects


Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
To:  East Sacramento Community Members
You will recall that the partially constructed residence at 1112-41st Street has generated some controversy in the community.
On Monday, November 11, the property owners, Peter and Barbara Yellowlees, along with their architect, builder, and attorney met with the project’s next-door neighbors, Kathleen Dallosta and Tom Lincoln, their attorney, David Diepenbrock, along with several other neighbors and consultants, to discuss a possible compromise.  Bruce Starkweather facilitated the meeting.
Those discussions resulted in a new site plan which includes a revised, deeper front yard setback that would be even with the property on the north, and move closer to the front of the property on the south, as well as other design modifications which are agreeable to both the applicants (the Yellowlees) and the appellant (Ms. Dallosta).
We believe that this positive outcome is a direct result of hearing the many voices in our community who expressed their individual concerns about protecting the neighborhood context of Tract 24, originally established in 1913, and lent their support to the appeal.  THANK YOU!

Yesterday, City staff stated that they are prepared to recommend approval of this revised site plan.  Therefore, we expect the Planning and Design Commission hearing on Thursday night to focus on approving the compromise.  You should be aware of this important change, as you decide whether to attend the hearing.
Friends and neighbors of 41st Street
Kingdom Hall Demolition/I Street Project
After a five hour Planning Commission hearing on 10/10/13, the PC unanimously approved the design of this project and its requested entitlements on the current site of the abandoned Jehovah’s Witness Hall.
There were several neighboring owners of apartment buildings and single-family residences that spoke in opposition to the project primarily because the new facility was providing the code-mandated seven parking spaces and their opinion was that that was insufficient. They had occasional problems with parking during events at the Turn Verein and were also concerned with the difficulties for the existing apartment tenants finding parking, mostly due to the fact that the apartment complexes have less than sufficient parking.
The developer had spoken to the Turn Verein across the street from the project site about leasing an additional seven spaces from their seldom utilized parking facility but the neighbors had gotten the TV owner to withdraw that proposal. This would have made a big difference in any parking impacts.
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