Theodore Judah Elementary School Alert!

Theodore Judah neighborhood public school is a gem. School employees and volunteers ask for our help keeping the school free from vandalism this summer. Below is a note from the principal and some pictures from the environmental/composting program at the school.

Please Watch Our School This Summer!

 The last day of school at Theodore Judah Elementary was June 13.  We would greatly appreciate your keeping an eye on the campus while we are on summer break.

Please report any suspicious activity to the Sacramento City Police non-emergency number, 264-5471.  Of course, if there is an imminent threat such as a fire, please call 911.

The school does have a security alarm and security cameras.  However, neighbors are our most valuable asset because you can spot problems before they become more serious.

Thank you for being such wonderful neighbors and supporters of our school.  We hope you have a terrific summer.


Corrie Buckmaster Celeste















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