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City to Vote On McKinley Park Pond Plan

UnknownEast Sacramento Preservation members met with Sacramento City Council Member Jeff Harris, City Supervising Landscape Architect Gary Hyden and District Three Supervisor David Gonsalves today to discuss the city’s proposed McKinley Pond renovation. Neighbors, led by Judy McClaver, have spent the last four years caring for animal life and keeping the pond clean and groomed during hard economic times.

ESP reviewed the city proposed plan for the renovation of the pond and discussed the contractor’s ideas on pond depth, the proposed plastic liner and the pond reconstruction timeline in regards to wildlife.

Prior to the meeting ESP also commissioned a second expert opinion from a certified pond contractor to provide a biological approach to the pond rehabilitation. The City and the ESP expert have some differences, not only on how to factor cost, but also on how best to approach the redesign of McKinley Pond.

The city contractor and the city have rejected our input.

On a positive note, Supervisor Hyden promised the city would take care of the wildlife in a thoughtful manner during the rehabilitation.

City council will vote on Tuesday night on the city’s proposed pond plan under the Consent Calendar, which generally does not allow for much public comment.

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East Sacramento Preservation Seeks McKinley Pond Pictures To Help With Restoration

images-1Got an old McKinley Pond photo? If you remember where that polaroid, carrousel slide or instamatic is stashed, dust it off and send us a copy. You can send us a picture of the picture, scan it, or copy it. Posting it on Facebook and tagging us would work too. We’re looking for pictures to help Judy McClaver review past “lives” of the pond to help with restoration.


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