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Heartbroken East Sacramento Woman Offers $1000 Reward for Penelope

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It’s a dog owner’s worst nightmare. A neighbor works on the fence and doesn’t alert you to the danger. Your dog is out the hole and possibly out of your life—forever.

This is how Lannette Werner-Tetz lost Penelope, a nine pound terrier, and a beloved pet of the family. “I pass flyers, hung 100s of posters and I drive, ride my bike and walk through East Sacramento hours a day looking for her,” she said.


Werner-Tetz checks the shelters each day and will not give up. She offers a $1000 reward for the return of Penelope—no questions asked.

“My hope is that she may have won the heart of a kind person who found her. She has a huge personality and is thrilled with attention,” Werner-Tetz said.



Date Lost: October 30, 2013

Breed: Rat Terrier

Area Lost: 42nd Street Between M and Folsom

Possible Sightings: November 6th and 7th on J Street between 36th and 39th

Special Concerns: medication for spinal issues

Identification: Chipped, licensed, collar with owner’s number

Physical Description: short straight white fur, a docked tail, black eye mask and huge black erect ears. Seven years old.

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Animal Shelter News


Ever thought about fostering shelter animals?

The next Foster Class is this Sunday, 7/21, 1-3pm in the classroom at the Animal Shelter, 3839 Bradshaw. No need to RSVP, but arrive a few minutes early and bring a pen.


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