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Spread some holiday cheer to your older neighbors

imagesIf you’re starting to think about ways to reach out to those in need this holiday season, how about taking a look around your own neighborhood and spreading some holiday cheer to your older neighbors with a friendly visit, holiday treats, and maybe even a little help with minor household tasks? What could be more convenient and satisfying than doing good right where you live! And, who knows, the new connection might end up being good for both you and your older neighbor long after the New Year.

More people are living longer and choosing to stay in their familiar homes as long as possible. But this can lead to loneliness and isolation when people become disconnected from others due to limited mobility, loss of life-long friends or limited family supports.

Caring Neighborhoods is the City of Sacramento’s Older Adult Services’ neighborhood-based program supporting healthy “aging in place” by promoting new intergenerational connections in neighborhoods throughout Sacramento.

If the holiday spirit moves you, you can reach out to an older neighbor on your own, by teaming up with others from your neighborhood association, or forming an informal Caring Neighborhoods group with one or two other neighbors. For more information about Caring Neighborhoods, visit www.agetogethernow.org, www.facebook.com/caringneighborhoods or contact mpcohen@cityofsacramento.org








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