See our rivers in a whole new way—by bird

IMG_8762-255x345Come bird the banks with Friends of the River Bank

(Sutter’s Landing Park — head north on 28th Street until you come to the park)

We’re going to be “Birding the Banks” this Saturday, July 12, at 9 am. Join us to walk the banks at Sutter’s Landing Park and learn about birds and their habitat. Hillary White, a local ornithologist, will teach us how to identify birds by song and discuss the importance of riparian (riverside) habitat in the Sacramento Valley. As we encounter birds, we will learn about the types of trees and shrubs they rely on during the nesting season. As an ornithologist with H.T. Harvey & Associates, Hillary works on habitat restoration projects to benefit birds and other wildlife. All ages welcome. Bring binoculars, sunblock, hats, and water. Please leave dogs at home.
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