Pro Bono Wildlife Biologist Needed to Help McKinley Park Pond

UnknownMaybe you’re retired, or you have a few hours to give to our park’s pond. If you can help, or if you know of someone who can help, please email Judy. Her email is at the end of the page.

The Pond Advisory Committee for the renovation of the ponds at McKinley and William Land is looking for a Certified WIldLife Biologist to provide put on the projects because there are wild ducks/ geese/ turtles etc. involved.
We are on a short time frame to find someone and would appreciate any help. Please tell your friends about this position. The deadline for resume submission is September 8, 2014.
Primary Qualifications
1. Candidate is willing to work pro bono
2. Candidate holds a current certification as a wildlife biologist by the WildLife Society
3. Candidate has significant professional experience (government or private sector)
4. Candidate has professional experience in the Sacramento region
5. Candidate can commit adequate time to attend Pond Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings, review technical materials, proposals, and work products. The exact schedule is yet to be determined but the process is expected to take four to six months with eight to twelve committee meetings at City Hall.
Secondary Qualifications
1. Candidate has significant experience in urban pond renovation
2. Candidate has significant understanding of pond renovation construction processes
3. Candidate has an understanding of the limited and requirements associated with government public works projects.
There are several issues with this project, e.g. timing of the work to be done, water conditioning, wildlife maintenance. Ideally the biologist should live in Sacramento for convenience.
You can use my email ( for the resumes. If you have any questions, please email me or I can be reached at (916) 446- 1007. Thank you.

Judy McClaver
“Kindness feels the same to all creatures.  >^..^< ”

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