East Sacramento McKinley Pond Advocate Brutally Attacked

McClaver engages public in wildlife care

McClaver engages public in wildlife care

When Judy McClaver went to McKinley Park Saturday she did not expect to be brutally attacked. “I was picking up trash when I was assaulted from behind. My T-shirt was ripped half off and I was knocked to the ground.”

McClaver is an advocate for the pond. She cleans up and organizes volunteers and education days and works with the city to get the pond cleaned up.  Her assailant was a homeless man who frequents the park.

McClaver is accustomed to street folk. “I talk with some and acknowledge others. I show them where I put recycles. All of them are bedding down or bedded down when I get there. I have been there at sunrise and it appears most are arriving for the day. Some have even pitched tents on occasion or couples are blanketed together. One allows his dog to run loose but the dog is small and friendly, while the bigger dogs are usually leashed.”

The man who attacked Judy has been in the park the last couple of weeks. His police record includes charges for two felony accounts, assault and elder abuse.

The attack was fast and violent. “I hit my head on cement. I got up and he came at me again so I hit him with my trash reacher but he sent me to ground again, hard on my coccyx. I spent 6 hours in emergency getting CTs, X-rays and waiting. I also got 7 staples to a laceration on the back of my head.”

Five police officers responded to the incident and subdued the man. However, there is no guarantee that he will not return to the park when he is released.

Under her care McKinley Pond is finally getting the attention it needs from the city. She’s identified the water pollution, broken equipment, animal care mismanagement and human behavior problems in relation to the pond. More than anyone, she knows the critical state of the park and pond and she calls for action.

McClaver’s final words to CM Cohn and the city regarding the attack were, “What can be done or what can you do to make this pond and park a safer place.”

The homeless deserve our compassion and help. They are our brothers and sisters with mental health, drug abuse or economic problems. We are not helping them by allowing  illegal camping and loitering in our parks and on the American River Parkway. We are looking to the city to help us. We need to get people the help they need and not degrade our parks and nature areas.

Contact East Sacramento Preservation to learn about the various grassroots efforts to help the park and reduce crime. McClaver is an East Sacramento Preservation board member. 

Ellen 457-2725

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East Sacramento dumping—Here’s how to stop it

Illegal dumping is a crime and a blight on our neighborhoods.


The City of Sacramento is cracking down on illegal dumpers. The RID campaign encourages citizens to report illegal dumping and offers generous rewards if the information leads to a citation or a conviction. A media event today kicked off the new “RID” campaign from the City’s Recyling & Solid Waste Division. RID stands for Report Illegal Dumping and calls on all citizens to be aware of dumpers and to report it immediately.

If you see a pile on the street – don’t wait – report it. Call 311 (916) 264-5011, report online at www.sac311.org or use the Sac311 App for Iphone or Android. The faster it is reported, the sooner enforcement and removal can begin. Provide as accurate a location as possible, address, or cross street nearest the pile.

Dumping in Progress

If you witness illegal dumping in progress, note the license plate, vehicle make and model, and description of violator and immediately call 311 to file a report.

Reward Program

The City’s new reward program can provide between $500 – $1,000 to persons providing information to the City which results in either an administrative penalty for the violator or an arrest and misdemeanor conviction. Details on how the reward program works and who is eligible is available here. Make sure to visit the Illegal Dumping page for more info on how you can get involved.

RID logo


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