Neighborhoods Join Together in a No As Proposed Coalition Against McKinley Village

The No As Proposed Coalition against McKinley Village held an informational neighborhood forum Wednesday evening, August 28. The standing room only crowd listened attentively to reports on air quality, smart growth, traffic hazards, serious flood consequences, endangered wildlife and the EIR process. Audience members also received packets containing contact sheets, maps, postcards to council members. The audience formed lines for questions during the second half of the program. Grass roots democracy thrives.

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3 Responses to Neighborhoods Join Together in a No As Proposed Coalition Against McKinley Village

  1. Will Green says:

    I was so appreciative of how many new neighbors came to this meeting. The house by filled with “new-bees”, by no means was it packed with any of the regulars, in fact, the majority of the audience were concerned neighbors that weren’t there representing any organized groups. Again, thanks for the attendance, the audience participation, and the great presentations that were provided. Job well done.

  2. Kathleen Lynch Pandolfino says:

    I’m so pleased to see a good turnout, even though I couldn’t attend. And I APPLAUD Will Green’s coining the phrase “new-bees.” Good antidote to the term “Nimby,” — a snide phrase invented by developers and ad executives to mean “not in my backyard,” and intended to make residents feel selfish or ashamed that they “got theirs,” and are now defending the integrity of their “backyards” (read NEIGHBORHOOD, COMMUNITY, AIR QUALITY, WATER SUPPLY, TRAFFIC PATTERNS, AND MOST OF ALL, SAFETY OF CHILDREN). Do not be intimidated by this language manipulation. Pay attention to what the Powers that Be say and do, and with whom they associate, and who finances their projects. Vote against those who want to ruin our viable, successful, productive, livable, humane haven of East Sacramento.