Mercy Hospital Construction Particulate Matter—Feedback Needed

ESP received an email from a neighbor who wrote:

“I have a brand new car that now has rust stains from some metallic material being expelled from the construction site one block away. Several other cars in my area also have this same problem.  I’m wondering if we’re all breathing in iron filings from the construction. How many other people in the area of Mercy are experiencing fallout of particulate mater from the construction?”

ESP would like to know—Is this a problem for neighbors? 

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2 Responses to Mercy Hospital Construction Particulate Matter—Feedback Needed

  1. Dil says:

    I am not an immediate neighbor, but I’m pretty close and I have not noticed about any particulate mater. On the topic of Mercy, has anyone else noticed that the Mercy shuttles have been driving rather recklessly lately; particularly on Folsom Blvd and 39th Street?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for posting. No one has posted on FB or the blog to say that they have experienced particulate matter. Thank you for the feedback on the shuttles. We need to do a post about them… some positive and some negative comments about them have come in.