Is Mercy Hospital a Good Neighbor? A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

ESP has repeatedly asked Mercy Hospital to address the garbage problem around the hospital, both litter and cigarette trash. At the last Neighborhood Advisory meeting with Mercy, administration agreed to put a garbage can back in front of the hospital. This didn’t happen and garbage piled up over the weekend. The neighborhood deserves better than this, Mercy. Please clean up your act. Place trash cans around the hospital (more than one). Empty them. Have housekeeping circle the hospital twice a day to keep the campus in a decent state.

Ashtray mess
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3 Responses to Is Mercy Hospital a Good Neighbor? A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. pat lynch says:

    Mercy tore down houses and trees to expand and now leaves garbage in the streets where its employees and patients smoke. No way this profitable institution is a good neighbor.

  2. Will Gren says:

    It is said that the surface, or the outside, reflects that of the inside.

    Wow, what kind of a statement is Mercy General making about itself. Trashy exterior is only representative of the trashy services that one receives???

    Mercy, have Mercy,,,and clean up your act !!!!

  3. J Eveland says:

    Totally agree with Pat Lynch comment, and ESP’s requests of Mercy.
    Also, does anyone know if it’s the originally promised replacement housing that is currently going up on H St. side of Mercy campus?