Greetings Mr. Angelides: East Sacramento Preservation Letter Queries “Other” Possibilities

Mr. Phil Angelides

Riverview Capital Investments

3001 I Street # 115

Sacramento, CA 95816-4442

Greetings Mr. Angelides:

A few weeks ago East Sacramento Preservation (ESP) was pleased to host your Vice President, Megan Norris, at our monthly meeting. Ms. Norris explained your company’s efforts to reframe the McKinley village project and she gamely recorded dozens of questions the neighbors asked.

Although it’s true that there is hearty skepticism about the project among East Sacramento neighbors, ESP welcomed your outreach and we’re looking forward to the answers to the questions.

East Sacramento Preservation is a non-profit neighborhood group. We are the fastest growing group in East Sacramento, and more than 2,500 community members follow us on social media.

As we published updates and comments about McKinley Village one question kept popping up. It was asked by board members, our neighbors in Midtown and by dozens of East Sacramento residents–Can the McKinley Village area be turned into an urban farm?

We by no means aim to be presumptuous. You own the land. But, ESP would like to ask: would you consider the possibility of an urban farm on the site? Here are some merits, shortcomings and funding ideas to consider before answering.


Heritage site made possible by you

Educational Center for the region

Fresh produce

Community well-being

Urban Progressive site

Unique development in USA

Positive publicity

Outpouring of community support



Loss of immediate revenue for Riverview Capital Investments



You could lease or sell the land

The city could help (a partnership)

The people could purchase (like the Green Bay Packers)

Crowdfunding could help

We live in a time of blistering change. I know by your interests that you are forward looking and do consider “other” possibilities.

If you would give us a nod to pitch this idea formally, ESP would be grateful.

Thank you very much for your time.


Ellen Cochrane


East Sacramento Preservation

Cc:      East Sacramento Preservation Board

            Megan Norris



East Sacramento Preservation, P.O. Box 191763 Sacramento, California 95819

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