Emails Critical to Commission and Council Decisions

Many of us cannot attend the the McVillage Planning Commission hearing on March 27, 2014. Email can get your voice heard. Take the time to send an email to the commission. They will read it!

Commission Members

Name Title Contact Information
Kiyomi Burchill Chair Email:
Edmonds Chandler Commissioner Email:
Douglas Covill Commissioner Email:
Rommel Declines Commissioner Email:
Philip Harvey Commissioner Phone: (916) 442-4600
Todd Kaufman Commissioner Phone: (916) 947-5703
Meeta V. Lele Commissioner Email:
Alan LoFaso Commissioner Email:
Kim Mack Commissioner Email:
Phyllis Newton Commissioner Phone: (916) 508-7111
David Nybo Vice Chair Phone: (916) 275-3669
John Parrinello Commissioner Phone: ( 916) 515-4896
Timothy Ray Commissioner Email: 

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