East Sacramento – SUV Drives Into McKinley Pond!

ESP's Judy McClaver ferries the police out to the car.

ESP’s Judy McClaver ferries the police out to the car.

Notes From the Pond

Judy McClaver

I am sure you saw the news or have heard by now about the car that went into the pond on Saturday. I was there. The car slowly settled to the bottom of the pond when it went in. I got the tow company to move the car out of the pond where it would do the least damage to pond’s edge.

The car came from 33rd Street near the tennis courts. It drove over two curbs through the newly laid softball field toward the rose garden and then into the pond. It does not appear the tires did any damage to the ball field. I did not look to see if the tow trucks ran over any sprinkler heads. The vehicle may have done so in its traverse of the park. No park visitors claimed to have been injured.


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4 Responses to East Sacramento – SUV Drives Into McKinley Pond!

  1. Stephanie says:

    The news said that alcohol was not a factor, but that the driver was disoriented and was on the hood of his car laughing when police arrived. Is this true? Do we know anything else? Age?

  2. Will Green says:

    The brief article that I read, implied that the driver most likely had a mental health problem. I hope the person is getting appropriate help. Glad that no innocent bystanders were injured.

  3. Judy McClaver says:

    Just to clarify a point, the car was going to be towed out of the pond. I just helped point out a spot in the pond that would likely cause the least amount of damage, i.e. no wood on edge and tree roots that would support the car without causing further problems with erosion.

  4. Mike says:

    How come none of the news media or the police are naming who the driver was? If this guy was drunk his name would have been plastered all over the place! Are they hiding something?