East Sacramento Server Honored by Sacramento Bee

The Bee recently honored server Sarah Heimann of East Sacramento’s Formoli’s Bistro for her personality and passion for her craft.

It was only a matter of minutes during a visit to Formoli’s before we realized that Heimann was someone special. She came to our table, smiled and said hello – that’s all it took. Talk about charisma. She lights up the room.

Heimann is a country girl who grew up in Calaveras County. Waiting tables is actually a second job. Her main occupation is administrative assistant at a school for adults with disabilities. She then goes to work at the restaurant to satisfy the other side of her personality.

“Yes, I’m there making money. It’s a job. But I really enjoy being there. It’s incredibly satisfying, and it’s a perfect balance for me,” she said.

Heimann is a close friend of the restaurant’s owners, the husband-and-wife team of Suzanne Ricci and Aimal Formoli. The neighborhood bistro is a great success story, in part because of the consistently good service.

But fine dining in a casual atmosphere presents its own challenges for servers. They must be professional but not haughty, efficient but not hurried and knowledgeable but not snooty. Formoli’s is one place that nails this balance.

Last year, we applauded Formoli’s Kristina Gonzales; this year, it’s Heimann. We’re beginning to think there is something about that place we really admire.

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2010/12/19/3263917/meet-the-sacramento-areas-top.html#ixzz18mKFu7Ba

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