East Sacramento Preservation Supports the Mercy Hospital Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

In response to neighbors’ concerns, the Sacramento Police Department and Parking Enforcement will write citations in the neighborhood as part of the Mercy Hospital Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (Traffic Calming Committee).

Police and parking enforcement officers will enforce traffic laws in support of the plan.

They will be looking for:

Speeding ($214 to $328)

Running stop signs ($214) and signals ($436)

Driving using cell phone, not hands free (1st offense-$148, subsequent offense – $256)

Amounts listed are total bail amounts due for a traffic fine. This does not include any additional assessments for prior violations.

For more information go to the city fine break down page.

To report moving violations or request traffic enforcement, please call 277-6128. There is a Police officer assigned to the Mercy Hospital campus and the surrounding blocks. You can mention this when you place your call requesting help.

Did you know that you should never park a vehicle:

‘backward’ (opposing traffic) ($35)

in a crosswalk (marked or unmarked) ($50)

blocking a sidewalk access ramp ($445)

blocking a driveway ($50)

in a bike lane ($50)

in an area marked no parking or no parking during certain hours ($35)

For more information on parking violations, go to the city traffic violations page.

To report parking violations or request parking enforcement, please call 808-5354

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