East Sacramento Preservation Starts Guessing Game

Update: We have a winner! Michael G. of East Sacramento wins the prize. Check the comments below to learn about the picture. Thank you all for playing.

Finders seekers! We’re calling all sleuths to our first East Sacramento ‘Where in the Neighborhood Is This?’ If you can find this spot in East Sacramento you’ll win a small prize. You must tell where it’s located and what it stands for. Place your best guess in the comments section of the East Sacramento Preservation Web Site. First correct entry wins a $10.00 gift certificate to HeavenLy’s Yogurt. All Sacramentans are welcome to try. The location is in the traditional boundary of East Sacramento. Pull out your magnifying glasses and hit the road. It’s out there somewhere!

Where is this and what does it mean?

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5 Responses to East Sacramento Preservation Starts Guessing Game

  1. Michael Greene says:

    It is in the sidewalk around McKinley Park and shows that the sidewalk was built as a Works Progress Administration project in 1940.

    • admin says:

      Michael: You are the big winner!!!! A $10.00 HeavenLy’s gift certificate is yours. I’ll contact you off site to work out the details.

  2. Will Green says:

    This is a sidewalk stamp. Marking that it was completed as a part of the Work Projects Administration. It was renamed this in 1939. Original name was Work Progress Administration.The date reflects the year the sidewalk was laid.

  3. Ian Merker says:

    This is a sidewalk stamp from the Works Progress Administration or the Work Projects Administration, in the year 1940. The WPA was a federally funded project during the Great Depression that earmarked specific projects that would put people back to work. One of the largest WPA projects in East Sacramento was the water tower on 33rd Street. There are probably a handful of places in East Sacramento with this particular sidewalk stamp.

  4. Kay Overman says:

    This is on a sidewalk going around McKinley Park. Ditto for what Will said about the WPA.