East Sacramento Preservation Shares Swisher’s Solstice Photos

Mary Swisher surprised herself.

I kept getting up, falling asleep, getting up and I didn’t even put it on a tripod and there were intermittent clouds so I amazed myself!

We were lucky in East Sac to have a partially clear evening to view this rare solstice event.

The Beginning: One Third Eclipse

Near Full Eclipse

Blood Red Eclipse

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2 Responses to East Sacramento Preservation Shares Swisher’s Solstice Photos

  1. Will Green says:

    Dear Mary S. Thank you so much for these beautiful pics of the Lunar eclipse. I wanted to see it and missed it. I doubt that I will be around in 340 something years to see the next full one in this hemisphere.

    Again thanks for your efforts and your sharing the pics for this webpage.

    Just goes to show us, that it takes many concerned eyes in our community to stay on top of all that is happening. East Sac seems to go the extra light years…

  2. Steven says:

    These photos are great… Thank you.