East Sacramento Preservation is selling an ideal Christmas gift—Entertainment Books!

(CLick the banner to order your Entertainment Books!)

That’s right, you can get your Entertainment books for Sacramento (or almost any city) and it helps East Sacramento Preservation!

I just bought one for my nephew in Tahoe Park. Shh! Don’t tell him. It cost $30 and will give him deals all year long.

Got a child or friend in New York, Los Angles or Portland? Entertainment Books are
available for 120 cities across the country (most for $25.00). It’s a great gift for a friend or
a relative in another city. They ship for free directly from the publisher

Browse over thousands of amazing Sacramento deals and start saving today with instant
access to coupons online or on your Smartphone! Find a new restaurant in town or go to
an old favorite. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, explore the book for a fun outing.
Save up to 50% and get great 2-for-1 deals.

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