East Sacramento Preservation Contest—Cash Prize!

New LogoDesign the Best No As Proposed McKinley Village sign with slogan!

We are seeking entries that:

Include a QR code (scan box) space

Include space for a web address

Express the neighborhood’s reaction to the project

Have an easily readable slogan

Have an eye catching color scheme and, or image

Identify the project and the potential negative impacts

Is a sign is for neighbors, to inform them about the project


Ideas can be hand drawn, or explained in words, please send your entry via computer as an attachment (you can take a picture and send it), or send to our P.O. Box listed below. Include the following with your entry:





Winning Prize — $25 gift certificate to a locally owned East Sacramento business of your choice.

All entries receive a free membership to ESP and are entered into a drawing for Drive Like Your Kids Live Here signs.

Contest Ends January 7, 2013. Winners will be announced January 9, 2013 on our Facebook page.

East Sacramento Preservation Mailing Address

P.O. Box191763

Sacramento, CA 95819

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