East Sacramento Neighbors Seek Solutions to Neighborhood Crime

images-1After Judy McClaver was attacked in McKinley Park a slew of neighbors contacted East Sacramento Preservation asking how to help. I’m happy to report that East Sacramento neighbor Leanne Mack is organizing an East Sac meeting with Nextdoor.com and the Sacramento Police Department to do a large-group training on how to start a Neighborhood Watch program in connection with city police. You can contact ESP and we’ll pass the information on to Leanne, or you can go on to Nextdoor and join her group East Sac Neighborhood Watch. The meeting is tentatively set for Aug 27 or 28th. Here’s Leanne’s email if you want to contact her directly.Eastsacpetpals@comcast.net

While this is not a solution to illegal camping or crime issues in the parks, it is a start. Starting a Watch Group is not hard and it’s a great way to meet your neighbors. Also, join Nextdoor.com com. Your neighbors through out East Sac are waiting to talk with you!

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