East Sacramento Neighborhood Association Co-sponsors Crosswalk Pedestrian Flag Pilot Program

Many of us step timidly into H and J, alert as antelope at a water hole, fearing the beastly traffic.

There is no perfect solution for pedestrian safety, but East Sacramento Preservation and the City of Sacramento are co-sponsoring a pedestrian flag project at the corner of 33rd and H Streets, in front of the Rose Garden.

On each side of the marked crosswalk ESP and the City erected a post and holder filled with bright orange flags. Pedestrians can use the flags to cross the street safely.

Walkers simply pick out a flag; hold it up and cross the street. When he or she has safely crossed the flag is placed in the opposite receptacle.

Other cities, such as Seattle and Portland, have successful pedestrian flag programs.

The City is monitoring the program to gauge use, flag theft rates and effectiveness. If the program is deemed successful, ESP and the City will increase the number of crossing stations in East Sacramento.

When you’re out by McKinley Park and need to cross H Street, grab a flag! Also, please send us feedback about this project.

Below are the recommended use instructions for the flag


Recommended Usage:

Get a Flag from the bucket.

Hold the flag at the curbside and get the eye attention of the driver.

Cross the street with the flag when it’s safe (check both ways and make eye contact with the drivers).

Cross safely, and put the flag in the other bucket.

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One Response to East Sacramento Neighborhood Association Co-sponsors Crosswalk Pedestrian Flag Pilot Program

  1. Stephanie says:

    I think this is a great idea! I’m wondering if it is possible to put in place on J St. for the 2 crosswalks at 38th and 37th Streets as well. Cars rarely stop as I cross there, even after pushing the indicator button that is supposed to get the pedestrian signs to flash and stepping into the street.

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