East Sacramento Gets Fruit Harvest Date

Citrus season is just getting started and so is Harvest Sacramento.  Please come out and join them at the East Sacramento pick.

Information from Harvest Sacramento:

East Sacramento Citrus Harvest, Saturday, January 30, McKinley Park Tennis Court Bleachers, 33rd Street and McKinley Blvd. Confirm the time when registering.


This is a fruit harvesting event.  Volunteers will be in groups of 5-10 with a trained harvest leader.  Each group will have a list of 3-5 tree sites (depending on the number and size of trees at each site) and will be provided with all necessary harvesting materials, including gloves, picker-poles, ladders, clippers and boxes.  Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services will transport our harvested fruit from our meeting location to their main warehouse for distribution the following week. You can just show up to help pick, but see below for training workshops on picking 101 and how to be a group leader.

Group Leader Training
1pm – 3pm, Saturday, January 8
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
3333 3rd Ave.


This will be a hands-on training for volunteers interested in leading a group of harvesters at our gleaning events.  We will harvest fruit from 2-3 homes and walk through the entire process of leading volunteers.

Group leaders allow us to engage more volunteers and pick/donate more fruit.  This fun and rewarding position will have you leading a group of 5-10 volunteers to harvest fruit in a safe, efficient and fun manner while maintaining our high fruit quality standards and ensuring the tree owner is provided with a top-notch service.

Harvest Sacramento
Volunteer Orientation & Training
6pm – 8pm, Thursday, January 13
Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services
3333 3rd Avenue

Click here to register and learn more.

Volunteer with us!  We need community volunteers who can lead neighborhood groups to identify, harvest and donate fruit.  Whether you have participated in one of our canvassing or harvesting events over the last two years or are a new volunteer to Harvest Sacramento, this training will be extremely useful.  We are looking for people to become Neighborhood Harvest Coordinators, Harvest Leaders, Fruit Finders, and Master Gleaners.

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