East Sacramento Friends—Seeking Layperson Comments on the McKinley Village Project!!!

New LogoDear East Sacramento Friends:
The city extended the comment deadline on the Draft Environmental Impact Report to January 10, 2014. We still have time to comment.
Remember, you can comment on any aspect of this project.
If you can write a formal letter with supporting technical, city or legal documents this would be great. However, as a neighbor you can write about your concerns. You can use anecdotal accounts and experience to explain your position. For example, you can comment on how street construction possibly interfered with the traffic study, or, how living on H Street makes you keenly aware of the impacted traffic situation. You can identify hot spots, or traffic danger areas, and explain how the project will impact them.
The more specific, and more detailed you are in your letters, the better.  Your letters are very important!
Comments should be submitted in writing to:
Dana Allen, Associate Planner
City of Sacramento, Community Development Department
300 Richards Blvd., 3rd Floor
Sacramento, California 95811
Below are key areas that we need to address in our comments.
Auto-oriented:  The development does not have a transportation plan and will not have access to bus, light rail nor any other form of mass transportation.  The developer proposes building two-car garages and does not plan to build the pedestrian/bicycle tunnel at Alhambra until the final phase of development, long after residents’ driving habits are established.
Schools: The impact on already overcrowded local schools.
Limited Access:  There is limited access for future residents to escape the development in case of a catastrophic event such as flood or train derailment.
Traffic:  Lack of access to mass transportation will force thousands of daily trips from the development onto small residential streets not built to handle high traffic and where children play and walk or bike to Theodore Judah and other schools.
Air Quality:  The development sits in a depressed bowl that is enclosed by the busiest stretch of freeway in the region and by a very active railway.  Many studies have been done showing the health problems related to living too close to a freeway or railway…this development is close to both.  The site also must contend with the potential of migrating methane gas from the closed landfill across the freeway.
Regional Transportation Needs:  A portion of the site McKinley Village wants to occupy will be needed by CalTrans to widen the Capital City Freeway between E. Street and Exposition Blvd to alleviate serious congestion; and Union Pacific Railroad and the California Department of Transportation will also need some of the property to add additional rails along the raised railway to accommodate commuter trains, high speed rail and increased passenger and freight traffic.  Building McKinley Village will only add to the costs of these projects and increase the amount taxpayers will have to pay to get these much needed regional transportation projects completed.
Construction Quality:   According to the developer, houses in McKinley Village will cost $70/square foot to build, considerably below the California average of $125/square foot and far below the cost to replicate homes in the McKinley Park neighborhood. This and the increased volume of homes on the market will affect home prices
Density:  The number of houses per acre far exceeds that of McKinley Park and surrounding East Sacramento neighborhoods.
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