East Sacramento Fall Foliage

Photos of our neighborhood in the waning days of fall.

Passion and Fire

Leaf Reflecting Pool

Tree Aflame

Diverse Yard

Black Trunks/Yellow Leaves

He grew a sun.

Half and half

Squash stoop

Baking or decorative?

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2 Responses to East Sacramento Fall Foliage

  1. Robin Aurelius says:

    I have a census of citrus fruit trees in East Sac. Some photos of trees, and some of an annual harvest of citrus in January and February for the last several years. I can share these with your photo person. Also would like to get the word out about adding more backyard fruit trees to the list, and the fact that Soil Born Farms is helping us pick the fruit, and truck it over to the Sacramento Food Bank Services for giving it to those in need.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Robin:
    We’ve mentioned the harvest twice, but would love to do a better announcement. Please send me your two favorite pictures (with credits) and a bit more information about how the harvest delivery system to Food Bank works. Also, how did this all get started? I’ll contact you further, and we’d be happy to do some more “getting out the word” on the citrus harvest.