East Sacramento Bits and Pieces – New Restaurant and Beehives



A building permit was issued for the site next to Corti Bros on Folsom Blvd. The city says the plan is to put a Chipotle at the site with an outdoor seating area in front.

The use meets all development requirements so no planning variances were needed. Should you have questions, call the city at 808-7110.


The Sacramento Beekeeping Co-op wants to help the community learn, discover, and enjoy urban beekeeping. We provide resources for naturally creating and maintaining bee hives. Our co-op is a way for new or experienced beekeepers to help support others in the journey of keeping bees.

We gather together “potluck” style to discuss the beekeeping experience as well as do an actual hive observation (open the hive). To find out more please email Kim Felix: kjfelix73@hotmail.com or join our Facebook page: Sacramento Beekeeping Cooperative. Our first Sacramento Beekeeping Co-op potluck will be held on Sunday March 24th from 1-3 pm. Call 916-595-5564 for directions and more information.



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